Greek Goddess

Who likes the idea of looking like a Greek Goddess??????
I know I do! I love the modern day Goddess version with sultry makeup, golden, glowing skin, hair sleeked back adorned by a head chain. My definition of this look would be “A woman with presence who will certainly turn heads”.


What do we actually know about Greek Goddesses? I love my history, so I decided to do a little research into some of these Goddesses whom have inspired us all.

  • Hera – The wife of Zeus and the Queen of the Gods. Hera is the Goddess of weddings and marriages.
  • Athena – The Goddess of war and cunning wisdom. Athena is also the Goddess of pot making and wool making. She is associated with the city, and nearly every town in Greece has a sanctuary dedicated to her. So any of you holiday makers going to Greece make sure to visit one of Athena’s sanctuary’s. Athena also invented the first ship, so this Goddess inspires me most, a strong, entrepreneurial women with a very creative mind.
  • Demeter – The Goddess of fertility and agriculture. She was an important Goddess for farmers and women.
  • Aphrodite – We have all heard of Aphrodite I am sure, the Goddess of love and beauty. We all like to be loved and we all like to look beautiful.
  • Artemis – The Goddess of hunting, archery, childbirth and animals. She had the ability to send plagues or sudden death or heal people, I wouldn’t like to have met this lady. She was also twin sister of Apollo.


I know some of you will be thinking boring or perhaps not, but the reason I decided to put this little piece of information in is to get you all thinking about why we do what we do when it comes to fashion, makeup and beauty. This is the core to my inspiration for my makeup training and creations. I have studied as far back as the Ancient Egyptians who are among the first documented people known to wear makeup, and have rigorous skincare routines, this has helped me understand who pioneered the makeup and beauty industry. History has given us all inspiration, every fashion designer, cosmetics and skincare manufacturer will have taken inspiration from the past. Take the Greek Goddess Look, inspired by Greek Mythology, the elaborate draping or toga-like gowns, this look remains ethereal, elegant and divine. Valentino, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander Mc Queen & Karl Lagerfeld to name but a few have recreated their versions of the Greek Goddess on the catwalks over the year


What does it take for the Greek Goddess look? Here is inspiration!

The Gown


 Paolo Roversi for Vogue Italia March 2016 Couture Supplement – Valentino 

 Valentino Spring 2016


Chanel Autumn/Winter2009/2010

Paco Rabanne Olympea Fragarance


Katie Holmes modelling H Stern Jewellery and looking every bit like a Greek Goddess

Tom Ford


American Apparel



 Check out my tutorial on creating your very own Greek Goddess look! 

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